As we continue in difficult times some of QuadConsult’s staff are working from home and some have returned to the office.

The efficient operation of the business has been organised so that:

  • all staff are connected to each other with Microsoft Teams
  • we have daily briefing meetings to ensure the workflow is effectively coordinated and resourced
  • all staff are able to talk to clients over the phone, and all have e-mailing capability from their company e-mail accounts
  • we attend remote meetings using various media including MS Teams, Skype, and more traditional conference calls
  • all staff have access to project data on the company server via VPN link. Therefore project reviews and checking continue as usual
  • we have invested in new screens where necessary so drawings and other documents can be produced comfortably and efficiently
  • directors are available to all staff and clients to discuss any points of concern
  • we have full support from our IT consultants who are available to us 24/7 to iron out any difficulties with our connectivity

Face-to-face meetings in the office and site visits are following all current social distancing and hygiene guidelines, and are risk assessed on a case-by-case basis when necessary.