Bevan’s Lane Bridge, Cwmbran, South Wales, UK


QuadConsult Limited were commissioned by long-standing client Taylor Wimpey as Bridge Designer of a 14m span concrete integral highway bridge over an existing heritage canal as part of the 1400 home development at South Sebastapol, Cwmbran, South Wales.  In order to ensure approval of the design by keeping it within planning requirements, the project entailed significant work with the local councils, the Canals and River Trust and local stakeholders.

The works had to be handled sensitively with regards to the impact upon the canal, and it was important to ensure there was no damage to the shallow liner.  The aesthetic of the bridge needed to be in keeping with the canal, and required very close working with the local ecological and heritage arms of the Council.

Completion of the bridge means groundworks and the next phase of development can take place.


  • Client:Taylor Wimpey