Wonastow Road, Monmouthshire, Wales


A three hundred and forty unit joint venture development with David Wilson Homes and Taylor Wimpey.  Following the approved drainage strategy for the development, QuadConsult Limited designed an online attenuation pond to accommodate the surface water attenuation for the site, along with the potential overland flows which have been diverted through the pond.

The large attenuation pond, approximately 290m long x 60m wide, has been designed at a shallow depth to avoid the underlying gravel strata. This has been avoided to ensure that the basin storage capacity is not reduced at times when high artesian pressure could otherwise force water into the basin from the gravels causing a temporary lake. The attenuation pond will also act as a Lowland Wetland Habitat supporting a wide range of specialised plants and animals which in recent years have been in severe decline in the UK.

The access road off the existing Wonastow Road has been designed to cater for industrial vehicles to service the commercial parcels prior to the entrance of the residential development.  The Section 278 extent comprises of widening works along Wonastow Road, a proposed concrete box culvert to enable construction of a footpath link to be constructed in place of an existing ditch and realignment with a new T-junction.  The Section 38 element of the highway link consists of an elevated access road sweeping northwards into the site implementing culverts and swales for existing watercourse diversions and overland flows. The highway link also includes a roundabout which has been designed to cater for turning of an articulated vehicle.

  • Client:David Wilson Homes & Taylor Wimpey